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From Nashville,TN — 01/29/2010

So today as most have already become aware middle tennessee suffered a huge blow in the snow/ice storm. the decision was up to either our regional manager "matt skinner" and corporate probably being "gregg throgmartin" or "dennis may" to stay open or to close so employees could return home safely. and it also come to my attention that matt had spent time in the murfreesboro store and never came back himself and went home once the snow and ice started covering the roads which should tell you all you need to know there. well time went by and best buy and electronic express which is our main competitors closed there doors around 1-3 pm and we remained open due to lowes staying open. the state of tennessee and banks closed so im going to go ahead and say that our company and its leaders aka managers and corporate have become incompetent of making wise decisons regarding there employees safety. this comes as a huge blow to the hh gregg employees who suffered a very unsafe ride home in weather we are definately not use to here, this has truely shown the true colors of what this company only about,money and only money!!! it was bad enough that the straight commisioned employees took a pay cut with a company that is still recording record profits, now they have stolen walmarts old smiley face for there new company mascot and chosen to remain open just like the one and only company they preach about never being like. hhgregg+walmart=greggs mart
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