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From Brunswick, GA — 03/18/2010

In GA Gulfstream is a great place to work. The pay and benefits are excellent compared to the alternative. Finally Gulfstream has realized the value that its employees can contribute into making things better, For the first time ever I feel like my ideas are valued. They really listen now and follow up on my ideas. My boss is sometimes slow to act but they have a tracking file that keeps him on the hook to act on my ideas. I have had two of my ideas implemented and now they are used at all Gulfstream sites. No it is not perfect but what place is nowadays. I am just thankful they really care about keeping me employed. I have seen our upper management go through many obstacles to bring work into our facility just so people can have a job (hard to find places that care about the people these days). Times are tough but Gulfstream Brunswick always appear to listen to their employees and try to do the right thing. It is a great company and I think some of these negative responses are from people that never worked anywhere but Gulfstream. If they worked for some of the places I worked they would kiss the shop foor everytime they walked through the door. Its not perfect but it is a good place to work. They really care about safety and I really enjoy coming home with all the same body parts I left with.
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