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From Pennsylvani — 04/10/2010

I have no idea what all these people are griping about. My crew is outstanding and always mindful of one another's deals, our management is competent and sympathetic to our outside lives. We work as a team and advancement is directly related to job performance. Benefits are out of this world and I make a ton because I sell a ton. No ripping people off, just making sure every customer gets what they need. It's that simple.

Seriously, if anyone has a complaint about stolen sales or bad management, I have to say it's probably YOUR store. Ours is a tight ship, all teamwork and everyone gets along really well, including all managers. Say what you will about your shop, mine's a dream gig. If you do the job and do it well, you make as much as you want. There's no secret to that. That's how work works!

Maybe sales just isn't your forte, you know? From where I stand, GC is the best day job I've ever had and you'll never hear a bad word about our crew OR management from me.

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