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From Richmond, VA — 07/12/2009

The pay is typically minimum wage per hour plus commission from sales. If you are a great salesperson, this is an awesome place to work, as you even get paid for a slow day. It takes a lot of effort to make a great commission but it is a place where effort pays off.

This is by far the most respectful place I've ever been employed. Everyone that works there is cool, helpful and smiles. The atmosphere is so amazing, that even some of the most irate customers come in just to feel better! It is a rare occasion that a customer is unhappy, but never between employees. And here, your manager treats you like an employee and not a slave. Everyone is respected for who they are, the dress code is very relaxed. Just khakis or slacks and a decent buttoned or gold shirt tucked in. You actually get freedom to dress in the morning - Wow! It's a place where two polar opposites can work together and not complain. I must say the manager there is amazing and the most honest and understanding manager I've ever met.

There aren't many benefits unfortunately, but a successful salesperson won't have to worry about it.

The only thing that sucks about this job is that you are expected to meet a sales quota. One screw up won't cost your job but a second most likely will. It is a corporation, and while the manager there hates firing employees, it really isn't his decision. If you can't sell, you can't work. It is hard to sell, it takes a certain person but don't fret over losing this job. The store manager here will make a great reference for you. You don't have to worry about just being replaced - if you work hard and meet your quotas you keep your job.

A wonderful thing about working here, is that it is considered full time but getting a day off is easy. Most employees are musicians and have gigs. Your manager understands this, and that is why getting off work is so easy. The schedules are up to your availability and you aren't going to work ridiculous hours here. It is a very rare occasion that you will work a night shift followed by a day shift. The schedules are very well thought out and planned. Being a parent and working wont be a big deal at all.

There is opportunity to grow here, it will take a lot of dedication, effort, and time. You can become a manager without having to work 30 years to prove it. There are also corporate opportunities. Just remember, it won't be easy going up.

The location of this place is wonderful. It's central to an area heavily populated by musicians. A lot of employees however, do drive 30 minutes to an hour to get to work.

Everyone working there has a vast amount of knowledge in what they are selling. The company keeps its employees informed of new gear and even provides learning materials. New employees come in with a general knowledge but with the rest of the talented staff even newbies becomes experts in a matter of days.

No one could ask for a better work environment. You get breaks to smoke or sit, and a nice long meal break to stay alert. Every now and then prizes are awarded to top sellers, and there is always some form of motivation going on. Music plays in the background and employees get the best discount ever on products. You will have to work there to find out though! It's great place to work and shop and it's fun! If you are a musician this is the best place to work!
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