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From Madison, WI — 04/22/2009

Everything is great, poor management team in the Repayment Solutions Department, cant decide what they want to do, you get penalize on your monthly review if you did something wrong that was changed and they did not notify you, supervisor are not on the pace as what is the right answer, they expect you to meet all of your stats and if your doing other projects and your stats drops you get penalize for it,they dont acknowledge and appreciate how hard you work, the management team would nominate the same employee of the month, as if they dont see that everyone in that department works hard, they pay is well in repayment solution its makes a living but to meet their expectations its not worth it, they tell you that you dont have to follow the call model and make it yourself but when they grade it you get marked down. Moving to other department isnt that complicated if you have the skills and their qualification you will be fine.
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