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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth2
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From Rockville, MD — 03/07/2010

Goodwill Industries International Inc. is made up of memberships. Each member has an assigned territory, officers (president, cfo, etc), board of directors, etc. Then there is the Member Service Center (MSC) in Rockville, MD. I worked at the MSC for a number of years.

Respect: I found respect given out was focused on what is best for the company. If an employee doesn't toe the same line as their supervisor's or management's than the employee gets no respect.

Work/life balance: Just words, no actions. This depends on the supervisor or dept head's stance.
Career growth: In the dept that I worked in, there was no career growth possible.
Work environment: The building design/color scheme is interesting. Offsets, a bit of the negatives above.

Supervisors: There was no mentoring supervisors' program in place. I was a supervisor and when I made a decision, management decided I was wrong, I got smacked down hard by several managers, not just one. Later I learned that the employee guide had a policy that backed my decision, if I had but only known. :(~ That office needs a supervisor mentoring program to help supervisors. If nothing else, but to compare notes.
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