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From Orland Park — 01/12/2010

To those interested in reading, I will try to give an honest/fair review. Let me start by saying this is not a job for everyone. You have to deal with customers who are typically poorer than your average retail store customers, and there are alot of customer who are handicapped (both physically and mentally). You work with used items people donate, some would call this junk people donít want to throw out so they donate it. This stuff is often dirty and smells. The management hierarchy is such: goodwill associate, assistance manger, manger. Before we get to the assistance manager / manager, lets break down the associates. The bottom of the ladder are the newly hired associates, everyone picks on them, they get assigned the worst jobs and criticized. As a new hire youíll be cleaning/moping the bathrooms, dusting the shelves, cleaning up the parking lot. Next associates are the cashiers, you stand in line and ring people up. Its boring, customers complain about prices. Customers are rude, and youíre expected to keep busy even when thereís no one to ring up. Next itís the floor associates, the people who work on the sales room floor, stocking up the items, arranging the clothes, etcÖ To get to this point you have to have worked at Goodwill for about two months or longer. Your job is better, because you get to slack off a bit. You can walk around the store, do your job and at the same time get to talk to others working, just donít let the manger see this. You still get picked on to help the cashier when its really busy by either bagging customer purchases, or ringing people up. Plus if the manager is in a bad mood, you have to help clean the store up. Additionally, and the following varies from store to store, once a week or once every 2-3 weeks, as a floor associate you have to help clean the store by throwing out merchandise that has been sitting for a while and no one wants to purchase. The final associate is the donation worker/back-room worker. These folks work in the back of the store, they take in customer donations. They also set the prices. This is the best associate. To get to here you need to kiss up a lot, and it helps if you have friends in the back to put in a good word for you. Itís the easiest job in the store. A lot of time to goof off when the boss isnít watching.

Now to management. You have the assistance managers, there can be anywhere from 3 per store, to 5-7 per store. There job is set by the manger, who tells them what needs to get done in the store. The assistant manager is like a colonel in the army. He makes sure the store is clean, and makes sure everyone is working and doing their job. Most importantly, assistance managers deal with the customer. They talk with the customer if there is a problem. They also work on the floor, stocking, cleaning, etc. But the worst part is they take verbal abuse from the store manager.

The store manager is a real mean person. They have to meet profit quotas. They deal with corporate office and make sure the store is making enough money, that means they yell as the assistance mangers to raise prices, etc. They deal with the real business aspects of the store. I wonít go into details about store managers, because I personally feel that whomever reads this comment is more concerned about the positions below the head honcho.

This is a real generic review of the store hierarchy, but it gives you a very basic idea of how the place works. And in my opinion, this is a horrible job. Its one step above flipping burgers, but definitely not a good place to work.
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