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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
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From Lancaster PA — 03/18/2009

I started working for Giant as a high school student, and worked my way up to a position that wasn't "management" but had a great deal of responsibility attached, so my perspective is probably different than most. I was well-respected by my managers, and most were great about making sure people who did a good job knew their efforts were appreciated. On the other hand, you're not respected much by the customers, because most people think if you work in a service job, you're dumb as a rock.

As a full-time associate, the pay was decent, but the benefits really make up for any shortcomings. There is nowhere you can work that offers better benefits for less cost. I really miss that now that I'm paying an arm and a leg at my new job. Job security is good; you pretty much only get fired for not bothering to show up or for stealing. They work with you on pretty much everything else.

For part-time associates, the work/life balance is great, with very flexible schedules, and when you punch out to leave, work stays at work. It's slightly less so for full-time associates, because you're forced to work certain less desirable shifts from time to time (i.e. one evening a week). There is career potential there, if you're willing to sell your soul. The work/life balance definitely tips in a bad way if you enter management, but I think the compensation might make up for it, if money's what counts for you and you don't have a family to take care of.

As for coworker competence and the work environment, well, it's a grocery store. It's not necessarily the best and brightest working there, and, well, it's a grocery store. I worked there a long time, and if I ever needed to, I'd definitely go back.
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