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Job Security5
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From York, PA — 03/17/2009

Well I've been working at Giant for over 2 years now and I must say overall it is a good place to work. It's right by my house and the benefits are great. Although if you start part time you have to wait 1 year till you get health insurance and two years till you get vision and dental. A good 401k program is offered. And the health insurance is good if you choose the HMO. They only take 7.50 off your paycheck a week for it. Pay is my only major problem with Giant. They start you off like
$1 above the minimum wage. I've been there only 2 years now and I'm only making 9.35 an hour with an extra $1 for Sunday. Full timers make about 10 to start (excluding the managers who make a lot more. Breaks are good as you get a paid 15 minute break for a 6 hour shift. And if you work an 8.5 shift you get a lunch and two 15 minute breaks. The work environment tends to be very fun at times. Most of you co workers are okay and you will make some new fiends. Although watch what you say (there tends to be a lot of snitches in the store). Job security is awesome. It's very hard to get fired unless you don't show up or steal stuff. The potential of advancement is good. But it might take you a few years. Top management is awesome and they are well trained and respect the employees. But department managers don't tend to treat you as well and some disrespect you but if you a tough person you can suck it up. Overall I say the pay prevents Giant from being a great company to work for but it has been good to me. A good 2nd job.
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