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From Scottsdale, Arizona — 08/04/2008

General Dynamics C4 Systems is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a company of very dedicated, driven, intelligent people. People come to work at GDC4S because of the culture and the people, which is based upon Respect and Integrity. The pay and the benefits are very competitive. The work environment is team oriented and friendly. You get ahead here based upon your performance, not who you know. The company rewards it's employees through a generous benefit package, rewards/recognition programs, generous and above market pay increases, and work/life balance programs, like: Teleworking, 9/80's, part-time, etc. This is a very dynamic workplace that is not for slackers, but pays for performance and high achievements. The company is winning business and executing. We have been here for 50 years, and will be here for another 50! We are diverse enough in our systems and products and customer base to balance out the lean times in one business area. We have a great leadership team that is earnestly trying to improve the culture, the business and build a great place to work. We have a multi-generational workforce and with it comes exciting challenges for the business and employees.

Come to work here, It is great.
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