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From South San Francisco, CA — 08/11/2009

This was the best contract assignment I have had since moving to the bay area 10 years ago. I've worked for a lot of big names and some small ones. I had a total of three contracts in a three year period. The first one was cool, because I had a great boss, but I had to work in a make-shift cube near the labs (we were in finance) and they stunk! It was very short term, so I didn't care. My second and third contracts were back to back and they were both with the best boss and teams I've ever worked with for 2 major IT implementations. I worked at home every Friday; they let me do overtime when it was needed and I did a lot, seeing that 2009 was expected to be a very down year! They also provide free transportation for east bay employees via coach buses if you are willing to get up at 5:30 am! I would go back to this company any day and I don't think Roche will have too bad of an influence, otherwise they will lose valued Research staff!
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