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From Lakeland FL — 08/05/2010

Geico reminds you of what a Nazi camp would have been like. Geico is the hell and the managers and supervisors are the militant officers. The supervisors are the minions of the officers (managers) and do what they tell them and then we (the associates) are the toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe, the gum you step in on the sidewalk, the puss that oozes out of the sores on a leper, we're shit on, stepped on, pushed around and in the end we get a big fat fuck you. We go home with the stress of our jobs and think will I have a job tomorrow? Did they change the A-Call experience yet again? This place will suck you dry. Just like the Matrix, you're a pawn in a game that you can never win, all the while they take what they can from you. The best thing to do is to take the blue pill, open your eyes to what's really going on, and get the fuck out while you can.
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