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From Woodbury, NY — 07/27/2010

Are there worse places to work? Probably. Afghanistan and/or Iraq come to mind. I'm in TA1 and the work, while monotonous is not terrible. The hoops they make you jump through? Those are terrible. You want to resolve liability? You had better have the policy holder statement, claimant statement, the police report, scene photos, vehicle photos, and make sure you jump through your flaming hoop, backwards, juggling machetes. Oh, and make sure it's within seven days. Don't mind the fact that it takes Nassau and Suffolk county precincts 10 days to have police reports ready. ARXs? Now I, personally, don't tend to have a problem meeting the goal. What I do have a problem with is that the goal is 50%. Statistically, 50% means it's random. Why do we have a goal that is statistically shown to be random?

Also, why is it that 85-90% of the claims I get transferred to me out of a certain office are transferred incorrectly. How hard is it really? Open APD. Set LDC to 500. Update info you have (name, address, PHONE NUMBERS of the person you're talking to.) Tell me the reason it's being transferred. There's no reason I should have to sit for 10 minutes trying to figure out what was going through your head when you sent it up to me. I get that you guys get a lot of phone calls with no real breaks in between, but come on, use some common sense. If a claimant calls in a conflicting statement, fine transfer it, but update the claimant info. I mean at least get a name and phone number for crying out loud, I'll update address and ac info once I talk to them. Also, update the CONFLICTING STATEMENT, it's the REASON it's being transferred. If I get a file that has no claimant info and all I see is that the policy holder was rear ended I'm going to be pissed and curse you. I'm also going to turn to everyone around me to complain about what an idiot you are. Yes, I will use your name. And if you transfer one di file to TA1 for possible comp neg, for the love of all that is holy, transfer the other. It's not like one file is going to be 0% and the other is going to be 75%.
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