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Job Security5
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From Poway, california — 07/21/2010

I have worked for GEICO for 7 years. I do not have a college degree. I am currently at the highest I will be in this company without any college education. I work as a TA2. I think GEICO is good, not anything great? I am paid pretty darn good. Is $27.00 per hour good without a degree? I think it is. As far as management, they are what you would expect. They are friendly and actually pretty cool if you are normal and can hold a conversation. Of course they are " number crunchers" ...wouldnt you be if you owned GEICO??? Really the deal with GEICO is this. Have a degree and have more opportunity. ... As a new hire you might not ever get promoted, but after already being there 7 years one is already established.

Competitive pay
EXCELLENT BENNIES ( profit sharing!!!! )
Medical, dental
4 floating holiday (4 days a year paid , just cause) and 6 regular holidays paid
JOB Security!!!! ( guess what? you do your job your not getting fired! Ive personally seen so few people fired for job performance its ridiculous ! (( Many more should be since they are not so good))
Anyway. GEICO has always helped me....aside from a manager or two who has something stuck up his A** but GEICO is a good company...Not the greatest in the whole world but pretty darn good! :)
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