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From Fredericksburg VA — 02/25/2010

As I am sitting here reading the negative things people are saying about this company I cannot begin to understand what they are doing or not doing to benefit from the things that GEICO actually does for its employees. As some of those below have, I worked during the blizzard of 2010. GEICO made every attempt; above and beyond what you would expect from an employer to make sure the employees were safe including putting many of them in hotels in the area and shuttling them between the building and the hotels. GEICO is a great company to work for, if you are looking for a profession. Now, from the comments below I can see that those employees are just considering what they do a job. If you want a CAREER... GEICO is your best bet. While many americans are struggling to find and keep a steady flow of income, this company is growing. GEICO treats its employees and its customers the BEST!

So, for you angry kool aid drinking "know it alls" who really don't appreciate what the lord has "blessed" you with... I leave you with this final suggestion... if you are that unhappy with what you are doing QUIT... go flip burgers or draw welfare or whatever... but do not slam a good company because you didn't get a handout. Suck it up or shut up!

Have a nice day!
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