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From coralville, ia — 01/24/2010

I have worked at GEICO for about 2 years now and the job isn't that bad. The pay is pretty good for not having a degree and doing customer service. With Respect co workers and supervisors have good respect for everyone i haven't had any problems with respect except for sometimes they make you feel like a child when you do something wrong but i have had that with all my jobs. withe customers you have no respect you are a voice on the phone they can yell at because they are too dumb to read their contract and read their bills if not for someone like that who yells at me for 20 min because they did not send us back a form or say they never got it ( i guess the post office is only about 50% accurate with the mail according to customers) the job would be great. but its a fifty fifty every job with customers you will have this problem and since half of what you do is billing you get use to it you still get to help someone with their insurance and that helps me get through.
benefits are pretty good health insurance has been good for me, the profit sharing is pretty damn good ive seen 10% of your annual earnings as the bonus. the office im in is older and use to be a grocery store, no gym, or cafeteria except for a few vending machines and some sandwich ones, but with the location plenty of places to eat and have discounts with local gyms. best option is that i get my schooling paid for and its offered on site. i also have been taking insurance classes to get a cpcu ( very important with insurance ) which i get reimbursed for and get bonuses for completing.
job security is good if you can do your job, i had trouble with some of my goals have been on a 6 month plan to improve and or i could be fired 6 whole months if you couldn't do this then you don't deserve to work there, my supervisor worked with me every day and my manager even helped me out great job security if you can be good with customers and follow a list of things to go over with ( in service you only have to offer more insurance or a benifit if they say no its ok).
With work life balance its bad i spend most of my time at work or talking about work, my girlfriend works with me so this could be the reason and most of my friends are co workers. I do feel mentally exhausted when i get home but its not the job its the customers.
with co worker competence yes alot of people are idiots and have no idea what their doing but again every job is like that the training is great most extensive training ive been through, and the resources are there some people are just lazy but other workers catch the mistakes and fix them.
all and all a good place to start your insurance career i my self plan on moving up in the company you have easy access to improve if not i will take my college courses and cpcu and get my own insurance office.
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