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4.6Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Fredericksburg, Va — 12/20/2009

I've worked in Claims for over three years & at times it can be stressful -- but, I think that's from working claims & not so much Geico in general.

Pay - is decent, especially on a good profit sharing year.

Respect - I feel my sup & management in TA1 do well by their employees. Good recognition & sometimes rewards. (movie tickets, lunches, giftcards, geico stuff) However, I didn't feel the same about CSR. Come in with a degree or move up quick before the call center gets to you.

Benefits - also decent, no dental though.

Job Security - I say do your work --- stop talking & procrastinating -- which only means your section has to pick up your slack....(and we have our own work to do), and your job is safe.

Work/Life Balance - I rated this lower b/c it's true, you can't call in sick. (lets bring the flu to work & make everyone else sick!) & also, they ask you to come in on weekends to close features, or work evenings. Sometimes it feels like if you don't do "EXTRA", then you may not have a chance with the next job post.

Career Potential/Growth - I was expecting to move up faster, took me years & I had excellent #'s. But, I think patience is good & I feel confident I'll get moved up again.

Location - Great as it's close home.

Co-worker Competence - Depends on who you sit next to & who your sup is. Love my sup & my section, mostly.

Work Environment - Could be cleaner. Decent facilities, cafeteria, gym is tiny, basketball hoops, credit union, parking stinks (have to shuttle in 1 day a week as the parking lot is 2 small).

Geico is worth it for me.... a little stress, but a paycheck & security (if you're going above & beyond)
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