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From Virginia Beach — 11/12/2009

I just resigned last month, FINALLY! Man when I tell you this was the best decision I have ever made......
When I started with the company they promised me that because I had a degree I would quickly move up into the supervisor track program. Boy was I wrong. After 6 months of gruesome training, I was placed on the phones "for three months" and here I am almost two years later taking customer service calls. Every 2 weeks I meet with my supervisor who tells me he will make sure to move me up. What I figured out was that because I was selling the coveted umbrella policies at an unprecedented 5-8 per week, they didn't WANT me off the phones because I move up their numbers! In addition, I have since gotten my Master's degree and because it's not in business management, it's useless. (Sorry economics means nothing). Oh...and my boss even bragged about how I just graduated, all while I'm taking customer service calls.. Anyway, I can finally throw away the stress meds and move on to a job paying more money, giving me less stress and I will finally drop the 48 pounds I gained sitting in this darn chair all day! At least now I can finally go to the bathroom without having to ask like a 3 year old. Believe it or not, my supervisor actually said no one time because he wanted me to sell an umbrella policy. Good grief!
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