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From Waukesha, WI — 09/28/2010

found company has no integrity, though they boast it as there image. They are unethical, not that it matters to them. I found them to be two faced. Lied about what agreed upon in hiring process to get me on board, then the real truth came out. Raises are low, don't even keep up with inflation, so hard to get ahead of the game financially. Hold employees 401k $$ form checks till 2nd saturday of next month, paying no interest on 401k $$ held, sometimes 3 checks in a month till the next month. You TImes that by how many employees are in 401k and you see that are keeping $$ that should be in employees pocket in their own interest baring account. This is Illegal. EBSA is investigating the GE&SSP 401k. The company finally changed to an independent firm-Fidelity in Dec, 2009, who operate like most 401k's should. This only after GE Healthcare was busted on this by employee.
I left since I heard of and experienced to many issues of this company, that made it a hard place to stay and put efforts into my job. Also found out that the benefits administrator for your benefits like the basic short term disability is run by Sedgwick CMS who are hired guns to knock down claims of employees on behalf of the company they represent. Google "Sedgwick CMS and Ge Healthcare" as a search and you will see very scary stuff and lengths these low lifes go to deny benefits. Human Resources, if and when you get a hold of them, ends up white washing issues.
I talking some pretty serious issues. This company has no integrity and you are just a pawn to see how much they can drain out of you, with no return
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