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From Houston, Texas — 12/09/2009

I worked in the CAD production and designer group. The electrical/instrument designer supervisor is a short fat Hispanic guy who never smiles, walks around with a bitter scowl and is basically rude and unapproachable. Monday morning status meetings begin with his usual " .....I'm not going to tell you again" or "...if I have to tell you one more time". If you are used to a highly respectable, professional environment you will not find it here. Nepotism is blatant. "Yesmen" are rewarded and spying is encouraged. The office is located off of the South Loop. The building is owned by Aramco and looks like a windowless fortress. You must get security clearance in order to get past the metal detectors. It is a cold, depressing work environment. Everybody is overweight and sick from long hours and fast food. The saddest period in my long career.
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