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From Tucson, Arizona — 04/01/2009

I've been at GC Services (Federal Collection Branch) for a year now and, being a college grad having a tough time finding an IT job in Tucson, this has been a semi-decent job with occasional annoyance. The positives first, my boss is really awesome and into military history like I am. He treats everyone on my team with respect. Overall, my co-workers are fun and interesting people, some weirdos here and there, but you can't love everyone at your job. The pay isn't bad for entry level, just make sure you've got a roommate or you're married, don't try to live on it by yourself. You don't have to kiss the butt of the consumer often (but it does help so you can hit your budget and get that big fat commission pay). It's pretty easy too, you get paid holidays, you gotta know how debtors think, be able to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours, and not be afraid to talk to people over the phone.

But, like any job, there are some hurdles and some pains to deal with. I am on a team with a mother who flirts, doesn't cover her rolls, doesn't pluck her man brows, and chatters away after she hits her budget. She also takes 8-10 unauthorized breaks during the day. I suppose if you consistently hit your budget, you can get away with murder. The job security can be rough sometimes, like if you have a slightly bad production month and you only hit half your quota, you get written up. It's cutthroat and they tell you to do your best, but obviously, that's not good enough. I've seen so many people lose their jobs for poor numbers when they work desks that are worthless (aka, accounts that the upper desks didn't find or its consistent hang ups, so, you get lucky if you get one single cent). I also happen to believe that the collection floor manager is a druggie and the VP has some awkward family issues. The head honcho up in Ohio, Chris, is a complete moron who believes that if a client does bad, they need to increase that client's budget, not decrease it slightly to catch up. Yeah, that really inspires morale and confidence. I've also noticed a few management people do not really deserve their positions and it amazes me how they got there to begin with. We lost two managers last year to drinking problems and one was about to become a senior manager! We lost a top collector to a drug OD, and, by the life of me, I can't begin to count how many freaking girls out of wedlock are knocked up in my bloody office (I'm not religious, I just have some old fashioned morals)!

I started off nice, now I am still nice, but pushing my buttons has made me an evolved debt collecting titan. I'm above average, not a consistent budget hitter, but I cover my numbers. I love to stick it into deadbeats, but I hate FDCPA, being third party, having to see fat pregnant bitches left and right like it vindicates their existence or something, and having to deal with these losers sometimes. Still, it's better than having to clean people's filth or working in a small business with a Liberal douche who makes you feel bad for EVERY mistake you make no matter who you are.
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