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From Huntington, WV — 02/11/2009

GC is an OK place to work. I work for Sprint doing collections and customer care. So we play 2 rols in one which sucks. It gets agervating hearing customers call cussing because we shut their phone off because they didn't pay their bill, then they tell us that times are hard and they can't afford a phone bill and utilities, and they expect us to ust keep turning their phone on while they don't pay their bill. The managers for the most part are pretty cool, but they do play favorites. I guess I am a fortuante one because I am one of the higher up managers favorite persay. They pretty much do what I need done. Job securty is there as long as you come to work, do your job, stay on the phone and do not go past your 7 occourances. Pay is decent for this area. $10.50 is more than most places in this area pay right now. Their benefits are through Aetna, so that is good. I think they need to administer an IQ test before hiring reps. Enough said on that. They make all new hires get a drug test, but 65% of the employees smoke weed, so I am not sure how "acurate" the drug test is.
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