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From middleburg, fl — 09/28/2009

I'm very new with GardenVision, but came from working at Lowe's Orange Park, in the garden center. When they had to reduce headcount, I was one layed off. But was very fortunate to get one right away with GV. I get along great with the Lowe's employees, and Greg Willey is super. The only thing I hate is the "learning curve"--the time it takes to get into the ol' comfort zone, and to be sure I'm doing all I need to for compliance with the POG, etc. I'm totally happy working with plants, and learning more and more of them, helping customers when they ask, and hauling carts!! Totally satisfied with my pay, and after 32 years with AT&T, in some pretty high-pressure positions, I have learned satisfaction with putting my all into the job and feeling like I put in a good day's work for my pay. I'm at the point now, that I've learned a lot, and know how much I have to learn yet!! Thanks for the opportunity!
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