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From Marietta, GA — 09/28/2009

As a part-time, seasonal employee, I do not expect benefits or a high level of job security from this position. What I do expect is flexibility and the respect of my Gardenvision co-workers and supervisor (formerly team leader). I rate both those categories as "excellent". The salary rates would not be competitive in a good market but under today's economy they are OK -- better than if Gardenvision had priced itself out of the market and cost us merchandisers our jobs. As the market returns, GV should make wage and benefit improvement its first priority. I agree with some of the comments about GV supplying safety equipment, but only if the employee has accountabiliy for its care and loss prevention. Replacing gloves you wore out working is one thing -- replacing them because you lost them is entirely different and takes raise money out of the budget.

I hope that Gardenvision management may have the chance to work with Lowe's buyers to get the contract terms passed down to the Lowe's employees and reinforce that information. Some will never care but most, if they understood our contractual duties to the store, would let us fulfill them instead of treating us like their bottom-rung workers.
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