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From Reston — 04/05/2010

At first the company seems to be a great opportunity, but then you realize that most people there have taken the job only because it was the only thing available at the time. Most of all, the employees at this company are all underpaid for what they do and effort they put in. The benefits i gave a 1 rating just because some people are lucky to have benefits even though they are sky high to pay for. As for respect, you will not find respect at this company. The owners are known to yell, curse and throw papers in your face and at meetings as if you were there children in trouble. You will not be treated as an adult. Growth potential...your are more likely to rot at this place then to grow or move up, and even if you have a chance you will get a 1% increase. Yes, they are dog friendly on fridays, but does that suffice for getting paid in peanuts and being disrespected on a daily basis? I think not. They also part own a company Kyra Macy/PetConnect and ask the employees to work for these "volunteer companies" during work hours against will. I would not work or recommend this company to anyone.
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