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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
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From Memphis area, TN — 01/14/2010

I've worked at the GAP for about 6 mos. now: I had to haggle with my manager for a pay rate above minimum even though I have much customer service experience. Compared to other positions I have been in, there is honestly more respect for me even though I am younger than 20. They don't just treat me like a stupid kid, and it's awesome getting a huge discount on the clothes. They cut a bunch of seasonals, but job security is high if you are an eager, consistent worker. Life balance sucks because you don't pick your own schedule, but they do their best to honor your availabilities. Career growth is definitely there for those who want it and articulate their aspirations to the management. My experience with co-workers has far surpassed any other company I have worked for, and the one problem employee was quickly fired. Overall, the work enviornment is above par.
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