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From Chicago, Illinois — 12/14/2009

I was hired for seasonal help for the holidays. I am not sure who is a manager, supervisor, leader or a regular sales associate, but everyone I've encountered is nice. The training is not all that great. During the interview you will be told you will not go on the floor or the register until you feel 100% comfortable with your duties. Don't believe it. You must be able to approach everyday with an open mind and not let it bother if you don't know what you are doing, because seriously you won't know what your doing. During my 2nd day training I was told we would be trained on the register asap, but that didn't happen until 4 weeks later and it was at 7:00 am on a Sunday. I spent 2 hours on register training and I still don't know what I am doing, nor do my other trainees. The trainer was nice though. I still don't know how to operate a "walkie" and apparently only one person can use the walkie at a time, but how do you know if someone else is using it when everyone has one strapped to their pants? Also they never tell you how to check for something in stock, I just guessed on my first time. Guessed wrong. I was also told that you will have a opportunity to try on jeans as part of your training so you know about the product when someone asks you a question. This never happened. I don't know a thing about jeans other than there in section 2, but they are also in section 1 (found that out by accident.) Another thing I have learned is that they change the layout of the store constantly, so just when you think you know where that gray turtle neck is located, and you think you are being helpful to the customer, you find yourself a fool standing next to pajamas where turtle necks used to be.

I give the location high points because it's in a beautiful city. I have been treated with respect and have not witnessed any disrespect. It's hard to tell who is competent since I think most of the people I am working with are seasonal employees and know about as much as I do. The pay is okay, a little above min wage but that is what I expect for seasonal. It is hard to balance your work and personal life because you don't get to pick or discuss your schedule ahead of time. It's emailed to early Friday morning and begins 2 days later. The work environment could be better. The lack of training and the business of holidays really can make you feel like a lost puppy if you don't have a strong personality to outshine the 1000's of people in the store.

All in all it's not a bad place to work, but I wouldn't say it's great. Just know what you are getting into and you'll be fine.
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