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From Chicago, IL — 10/03/2009

I've been with the Gap for a while now, and it's your standard retail gig.

The pay could be a bit higher ($9 an hour instead of $8.50) for all the duties we perform throughout the day. Even though I have a pair of sneakers with huge insoles, my feet are killing me by the end of the day because customers run you around the store looking for a shirt in another size when it ends up being in their hand.

Scheduling seems to be different every week - sometimes I'm on for 10 hours a week and the next week it jumps up to 30+. There's no telling what your week is going to look like until the middle of the night on Thursday when they send out an e-mail with next week's schedule.

My co-workers and I are usually trying our best to focus on the tasks at hand; but between the demand of Gap Cards and poor training - the floor is usually a nightmare of bad retail pick-up lines. "Wow, that's a lot of stuff you're holding! You can save 15% on your purchase today by being approved for a Gap Card!" Ugh. It has a 21% interest rate - why would you ever sign up for it in this economy? We're also expected to meet our daily goals for Gap Cards - or we get a nice lecture on not caring about the company's future/our future at the company.

Overall, it's an alright place to work - I just don't expect to be there beyond Christmas.
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