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From Miami, FL — 07/07/2009

I must say I enjoyed working at Gap. All my co-workers were great, and my managers. We got good breaks too, if we worked a 9hr shift. There were only three problems:

1. they ignored my availability. I wasn't available Sunday mornings, so I could go to church, but they would schedule me anyway. I understand they have a lot of people to schedule, but they need to just check the chart first.

2. Our customers SUCKED. That's not gap's fault. They spent a lot of money but it was international tourists and they had NO respect for employees. Most of our customers are from Latin America so if they can take a family of 5 to Miami, stay at the four seasons, and spent $1200 at the Gap, then you KNOW they're SUPER ULTRA rich back home in whatever country they're coming from. In turn, they treat all the Gap employees like their personal servants. They expect us to follow them around the store like their personal shopper. Hello! This isn't Neiman Marcus! I make $8 an hour no matter who you are! At least I don't have to push GCs on them because they're international and don't have SS#s.

3. Gap Cards suck. Why? Because I have moral qualms against it. The credit card has a 21% interest rate! I don't think we should push it, especially in this economy. Credit card debt is BAD and I don't like pushing it on people, when I can tell they really can't afford it.

Gap is a good corporation to work for over all though.
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