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From San Antonio, TX — 09/21/2010

The issues everyone is talking about seem to be specific in-store issues. You can't base an entire company off of a few bad managers. My cousin started at Gap about five years ago, has worked in several locations, and has always had positive experiences. He's now the manager at his location. I just started this month am at a different location than he, and so far I've liked it.

My managers trust me and respect me. I'm given enough responsibility to keep me busy but not too much so that I'm overwhelmed.

I'd had no experience with retail, and they started me off at $8/hr, which is above minimum wage. The employee discount is amazing (50% all full-priced merchandise at Gap and Banana Republic, 30% off at Outlet stores, 20% off at Old Navy, and 10% off sale merchandise).

You're expected to interact with your customers and make them feel comfortable (greeting them at the door, helping them find whatever they're looking for, checking on them in the dressing rooms, providing a friendly check-out experience, etc).

They're particular about how the jeans are folded, how the shirts look on the shelf, and things like that. But if you're paying sixty dollars for a pair of jeans, or forty dollars for a shirt, you're going to expect everything to look well-managed. There is always some sort of promotion going, and you're expected to learn what those are. But you get reminded everyday, so it's not difficult. The only thing I don't like is how important Gap Cards are to the managers. Nobody in this economy wants to open up yet another credit card, and yet, we're supposed to get about ten opened a day to make our quota for the week. This is probably the only drawback.

At my store, they're really flexible with hours, and you pretty much always get time off when you ask (unless you're being unreasonable). I get about 15-20 hours a week since that's what I've requested, but I know some people who only come in once a week or so.

If you're considering Gap, I'd at least give it a shot. They value their employees and your coworkers become good friends.
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