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From Cherry Hill — 09/03/2007

Arrrgh. Well, in reading the other posts, I guess this ship has sunk. (By the way, what does stinks on ice mean, anyway, the Flyers last year?). But we've got another good publisher, are in an every day battle with the Inky, and having some fun too. I've worked at three newspaper companies and Gannett is the best if that means anything. It is a tough industry, but I wouldn't want to be in any other.

I'm a realist. If we don't do something as an industry we will be down the tubes. But on the other hand, from all the vents, it seems like the world is falling apart. I read where single newspapers lay off hundreds at a time, when our company (excluding those customer service things) lay off a few here and there. I can't get too excited about that.
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