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From TEXAS — 12/29/2008

Where in the world do i start? Gander seems like the perfect place to work, fun people, easy going job for a part timer like myself; but, DO NOT BE FOOLED! They are nothing but gossipers there & out to get you for any minor details! (esp new hires) I worked there for a year and a half and it was awful. I didn't have a life whatsoever. Granted, I did work EVERY SINGLE weekend, which was hectic to say the least, and i worked mondays because i would go to school tuesday, study wednesday, and then class all day thurs. They turn people over like water in this company. Some are legit reasons to be canned, others like myself, not so much. The location was about 5 min from my house so that was easy on me. I was in apparel/footwear and learned the products myself after having spent so much time around them! I was supposed to be apparel lead because i knew EVERYTHING there was to know in apparel. However, my college studies came first because I def didn't want this to be my living for the rest of my life!!! I actually wanted to have a career that i enjoyed, not going around folding clothes and back up cashier-ing. Most, if not all of my managers had no college degrees which explained their lack of knowledge when it came to customer service.

I did love the fact that because I had worked with this company for awhile, that I had many customers ask for me personally because I provided great customer service and would just chat with them about various topics. It was a good feeling to know that they would come in and know me! (One customer even brought me gifts from time to time!)

If your looking to move up in this company, have fun wasting your time! The few girls who are still with the company ,since it opened about 5 years ago, are still at the position they were when they started.

There was always something new going on at Gander every day. I would come back from school and 10 people would have gotten fired that week, and 5 new people in their place. (They were always understaffed with employees constantly calling in!)

The pay is crap unless your in high school. Even then, your expected to do stupid jobs and for new hires, your given the crappy jobs that nobody else wants to do. You will be talked about behind your back so watch out! I can honestly count 45 people off the top of my head that have come and gone from this company.. and those are the ones I remember! I only called in 4 days out of the whole time I worked at Gander!! Most of them being because I was sick, and one because I had to leave out of town unexpectedly. One of the days I had to call in sick because i had a head cold. My manager asked if I was going to the doctor's and to bring a doctor's note in.. FOR A HEAD COLD! (and i never called in, so that really upset me)

For the most part, the work environment is fun! I made many friends that were my age that shared my point of view on most, if not all, of the above mentioned topics. The memories I've made here will definately never be forgotten either!

Honestly, I would look for somewhere else to work. It's a cool place to shop, no doubt, but Gander Mountain is one shady place to work for. Even with the 20% discount, your basically paying the same price that Academy has without the discount. They are extremely and unnecessarily high on their products.

Often, our product search on the computers was so slow, and it would often freeze. It was aggravating on my part because then I would have to explain to the customer what crappy computers Gander Mountain has. One customer even remarked that it was unexcusable because of the caliber that Gander Mountain is. He chose to shop there over Bass Pro and Cabela's because it "seemed" to be of better quality. However, when the computers froze, it confirmed his statement. How could Gander Mountain supposedly be making so much money, yet fail to invest in necessity items, such as a computer, that's used on an every day basis FOR THE CUSTOMER? To me, it made and still makes no sense.

This company claims they are all about the customer, but they really aren't. They will tell the customer what they want to hear, and then send them on their merry way, all along mocking and talking crap about them when they leave. (But i guess that's what every company does, right?)

I did do their cash office many times. That was probably the easiest job, however they won't let anybody do it. You have to work there at least a year, if not more. The weight of the world is on your shoulders when you do it though, because if one dollar goes missing, they will be all over your cann! (Which I could understand, but when it came to paid-outs for powersports, that was another story! Hence one reason why were completely getting rid of our powersports dept..?)

Firearms is ALWAYS busy too. But that's a given. Angry men wanting guns and complaining that we were understaffed was what i lived to hear when i worked there. I often helped out in this department with scopes, shotguns and rifles. It was hectic all day, every day back in that department. Then my manager would wonder why I could'nt get my apparel projects done.. guess a college degree would have helped clear that confusion up! I was employee of the month and it sucked. It was like, here's a plaque, you get a front row parking spot (which a customer would take anyway) and a $25 gift card. Now get back to slave labor.

Overall, skip Gander Mountain if at all possible. Have fun shopping there, but don't get mixed up with anything more than that!
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