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From Colorado — 04/30/2010

I worked at Gander Mountain for almost 3 years. It was my first job and although it was a blast in the beginning, when new management walked in the door, that place turned into a shit hole. It sucked the life out of everyone the second they walked in the door. This new guy thought (still thinks he is) some hot shit. He is on his second round of firing people. He fired a person who was on disability, fired me because he didn't like me, and fired several other people for the same reason. Before this new management, everyone had the hours they wanted, things ran smoothly, and very rarely was there an angry customer.

A customer walks in, pissed off, and asks for the store manager and before he gets his fat lazy ass out of the chair like any professional store manager would do, he asks "what do they want". "hey ass hole, they want to talk to you! quit playing solitaire and do your job!" There is no room for any career potential, if you start out a cashier, you will always be a cashier. Get used to it. The training is horrible, they throw you into the pit on day one and expect you to do a good job. and by the way, FUCK Gander Mountain Master cards, nobody wants them. The interest rate is too high, and the people that run customer service for that company are all borderline retarded and are totally incapable of helping gander mountain employees as well as the people who were actually dumb enough to sign up for the cards.

Aside from that.... The customers were usually pretty cool, and the people, with the exception of a couple people, were pretty cool to work with.
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