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Job Security3
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From Parkesburg, PA — 07/06/2010

Pay- I was a seasonal hire, therefore not on the team long enough to get any sort of raise. But they said evaluations are done twice a year for a raise. Not bad, but I got minimum to start. So does everyone I believe.

Respect- I was never asked to do anything ridiculous. Since I was there for black Friday and the day after Christmas, things got crazy. But I was able to get done everything that was asked of me. If you annoyed them (bound to happen at first at least) you could tell they were annoyed by their tone of voice when they talk to you. Looking up things in the computer is slow at first so for the first week or two of work I asked a manager if we had something rather than looking it up, for customer convenience.

Benefits- 4 day game checkout wasn't bad. You could take new games if you wanted to. 15% off on all games, systems and accessories. Except new systems. 25% off Barnes and Noble, and 50% off at their coffee shop, with the presentation of a pay stub. Not bad. They also gave me a book titled C.A.R.E.S. Concerned associates reaching equitable solutions. Supposedly in case I wanted to sue them for something.

Job security- Unless you do something incredibly dumb, you won't get fired. If you don't show up for work and don't call, they automatically terminate you. Unless of course you had a really good reason for now showing up, and not calling, ie, you were unconscious on the side of the road, etc.

Work/life balance- Didn't at all mind even a 6 and 7 hour shift. Time went by very fast, because I was always doing something. I prefer this as opposed to sitting around all day. I was scheduled a few days a week usually. Since I was seasonal I usually worked weekends, along with Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes if I got into a fight at home or something I called work and asked if they needed extra help. If they needed it I came in and worked.

Career Potential/Growth- There is potential. But for a really nice salary I doubt it. Not my type of career but for someone who missed out on school or something its a great job. Much better than stores like Walmart.

Location- The Parkesburg store was conveniently located by a Walmart, off Lincoln Highway. About a 10 minute drive.

Co-worker competence- Since Gamestop is a small store, customers see everything you do, and don't do. Of course there's times when we don't know the answer. Usually one of us knows. If we don't know, we honestly tell the customer that we don't know.

Work environment- The work place was always clean. Every night we vacuumed and cleaned the windows. Air conditioning and heating always worked when it was supposed to. The only dirty part was when some fat slob turned in a video game with parts of last nights dinner on them. And there was hand cleaner behind the register, just for this.

To sum it up it's not a bad job. especially compared to my job at KMART. I would work here again, and will apply if necessary. The manager said he'd call me back if he needed an associate. He and I talked a lot even before employment.
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