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From California — 02/17/2010

Gamestop is by no means the most amazing job on earth, but what it is, is fun. Sadly fun doesn't pay the bills... it does quite the opposite of that.

I've worked for GS for nearly 3 years, i've been promoted once, and demoted once (lack of numbers).

Keep in mind for starters if you work for GS you're starting with min wage. And to make matters worst you'll be lucky to get 6 hours a week, most stores give less. In most stores there's 5 levels a person can go up until they no longer work in a store.

Game Advisor - Bottom of the barrel, max hours maybe 10 on a good week, most likely you'll get 3-4 hours.

Lead Game Advisor - Now I read a review where someone mentioned that SGA is the worst position, he/she forgot about LGA. LGA is by far the worst position you can have, because you're expected to do all the duties of an SGA but with the hours of a GA. plus there's no pay raise for LGA promotion. Average hours a bit above GA but still nothing special

Senior Game Advisor - Now you're higher up, you're still part-time and have no benefits, but you'll get hours, 30 hours minimum. But what you do makes up for that, you now close and open the store personally on a daily basis. You take in shipments, and numbers are beyond important

Assistant Manager - SGA with benefits, and 40 hours a week. That's really the only difference between SGA and ASM.

Manager - ASM with better pay, and makes the schedule.

As for respect, my co-workers were some of the best friends i've ever made. My manager treated us all like her little siblings, and it was a blast working for her. She tried to do what she could for hours, but she wasn't superwoman so it's understandable.

Job Security - most gamestops try not to fire as much as possible (doesn't mean they won't try to get you to quit) since starting my job i've only seen 2 people get fired. The reason for this is because Managers and Regional managers get a bonus at the end of the year if they don't fire many people. So working for GS I never felt like my job was at jeopardy, but I always did a good job anyway so.

Work Environment - depends on where you work, in my town we're on of 4 GS and we're on the outskirts of town so we get very few customers. Which is nice for going to school cause I can get all my work down at work and get paid for it.
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