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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From Tennessee — 10/17/2009

I have been working for Gamestop for almost 3 years now. I've been in the position of Game Adviser, Senior Game Adviser, and Assistant Store Manager. I am now in the position of SGA.

Pay: I feel I am paid very well due to my years of service and also my very productive/efficient job performance. Game advisers cannot expect to be paid any more than minimum wage simply because that's why minimum wage is there, many of them are hired with little to no previous job and retail experience, and if you do have the experience, you are entitled to ask for more pay, whether they'll give it to you or not, I don't know. I know from experience that ASM pay is adequate for living on your own in a modest situation, and as far as store manager pay, I'm really not sure.

Respect: I am one of two females that work in my store, we are both treated very well by our store manager and our game advisers. I also feel respected by my DM and have received personal compliments for things that I have done even when I am not there when he does his audits. On a personal level, I have no complaints about this area.

Benefits: Err... what's that? Limited health care is available to all employees, I'm covered under my dad's plan for a little while more, so I haven't yet taken advantage of this. As far as vacation, personal, and sick days go, you won't see them unless you are full time (ASM/SM only).

Job Security: I have no worries about losing my job. I've always worked very hard and my superiors know this. Do your job, go a little beyond here and there, and you'll have nothing to worry about. Oh, and don't do anything stupid (i.e. breaking the ESRB/trade-in policy)

Work/Life Balance: No issues here. Since I'm not currently enrolled in school if anything I can't get enough hours. It really depends on your SM, but generally they are willing to work around your schedule if it's not too complex.

Career Potential/Growth: I moved up very quickly in the first year I was employed with Gamestop, if I'd known better, I would have stayed in the position of ASM. In the past few months I've found out that many ASM positions have opened up in the area and they'd been filled from outside the company before I even knew they existed. I feel, with very good reasons (one of them being that I have previously been a very successful ASM), that I am highly qualified for an ASM position, and it is extremely disappointing to not even be given a chance at these positions before they are filled with people from outside the company who require much more training. I could probably go on for a long time about this. So I won't.

Location: There's at least 3 locations that are less than 15 minutes away from where I live. No complaints.

Co-worker Competence: My co-workers know their games, that's for sure. They are not quite as motivated to fulfill the non-game-related requirements of their jobs. But they do them when they are asked.

Work Environment: This definitely depends on the store you work in. My store is awesome. The environment is very laid back, the management staff does not need any strict regulation, everything always gets done without the threat of punishment. Also, the new dress code change has been fantastic. Jeans/soft-soled shoes are definitely better suited for a video game store, and I now feel more comfortable the entire time I'm at work.

Overall I think Gamestop is a nice place to work. They treat their employees generally like any other corporation. I feel like I have had a more positive experience than others who have posted on this site. But I am not without my own complaints.
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