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From Texas — 09/08/2009

As a part-time employee at Gamestop, I think its a pretty decent place to work at if you're going to school. They can work really well with your hours, especially since you barley get any hours to begin with. If you're not working at a Gamestop at the mall and you're a part-time employee, you're going to be working about 3-10 hours a week on average. The manager that makes the schedules gives out hours based on how many hours the store is given to distribute to its employees. For example, if the store is given 90 hours to work with, about 40 hours goes to the Assistant Manager automatically, about 30 goes to to person right under him/her, so the rest of the 20 hours has to be split with the rest of the employees. Working at gamestop can be pretty crappy if you're looking to make cash. But if you just want to be making some money on the side while you go to school or something, then it's pretty cool.

The benefits of working there aren't so great. You get 15% off of everything except new consoles, which is pretty understandable. But getting 15% off of their used stuff (25% if you buy their edge card every year), doesn't seem right to me, only because Gamestop buys stuff from their customers for very little and then sells it for very high. For example, they'll buy a game from somebody for $3, then they'll sell it for $19.99. That doesn't seem very fair to me.

As a company, they are very wasteful. If Gamestop recycled all of the useless stuff they require employees to print out, or recycled their marketing stuff when it isn't needed anymore, I could respect the company more. But they don't. Everyday, cardboard boxes, posters, and paper are thrown in the trash. I think 80% of the stuff we throw away can be recycled.

Overall, Gamestop is an alright place to work at if you're just looking to make some extra bucks, but as a career, I'm not sure. It can be pretty hard to move up in the company
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