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From Texas — 08/14/2009

After reading some of the comments below I must say I'm just seeing a bunch of disgruntled workers that a.) don't believe in the practices of the company b.) don't want to do the work required to keep their job and c.) mad because the Federal minimum wage keeps going up but they aren't being compensated. So, I would like to answer these three responses. If you are in group A...go find another career you obviously aren't going to go very far in the company with that attitude. That's like being a doctor but you don't want people to get well??? Hmm..maybe it's not the right job choice for you. If you are a part of group B, you might think as an SGA or a GA that you are being required to do as much're not. Especially when I can point out that an actual former employee at my store posted about this a few comments below and yet this employee was rarely asked to do defective ships, Cat counts, marketing sets and never required to do interviews, scheduling, inventories, inventory preps or other "senior management" tasks. This employee couldn't even keep the logs filled out, updated or read and sign conference call notes, weekly checklist, or even making sure the store was vacuumed and the windows cleaned each you just think you had it actuality you were doing less then your job requirements were. Well, that explains why you are a "former" employee now doesn't it. It seems like people want to come to WORK and just get paid to stand there and talk...that's not a job...if that's your career choice maybe you should find a job with a sex hotline or psychic hotline...then you can talk all you want. Now if you are in group C, that is completely understandable but unfortunate...please remember that's a company issue and not an issue with your store manager. If you wanted a better raise you should have done you're job better or asked for better training. You can't get anywhere if you aren't willing to put forth the extra effort to make an impression. Maybe you should try fast food...they get fired if they are late, don't come in dress code or have cash shortages of +/- $2.00...not to mention people treat them like crap and they really bust their bums. So, before you complain about your job...maybe you outta take a good look at yourself??? Oh by the way...just an FYI, Texas is a right to work state...if you're laid of you can get unemployment but if you're fired you get jack! They can fire you for any reason they want...don't like it? Move...just an idea...
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