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From Virginia — 01/28/2009

I am an Assistant Manager currently working for the company. It is easy to understand that some people absolutely hate working for this company after a while. I think a large part of that is who you work for. Personally, I work under a very good DM and thats why my experience here has been good. I started out as a seasonal hire in 06, was let go, rehired march 07, promoted to third key in october 07 then to ASM august 08.

pay- Though my pay is good in comparison to other ASMs in my area, i know and have experienced the low pay that comes with being a game advisor. At that time minimum wage in VA was $5.25 an hour and i barely made just more then that. I was fortunate to be able to advance in the company and get pay raises because my DM was there to notice my hard effort.

respect- i have a good amount of respect from my DM, SM and co workers. They work hard for me and i work hard for them.

benefits- two weeks of vacation, two weeks of paid sick leave, two personal days is what to expect as an ASM in the company. Anything below is not considered full time therefore no vacation.

job security- in my area, due to the high number of gamestops (probably 30 in a 25 mile radius), positions are open frequently so i have never seen anyone laid off for no reason. The only firings i have witnesses to date is an ESRB firing (getting fired because a mature game was sold to a minor without parental consent) and a firing due to fraud. So i'll say as long as you keep your nose clean, you'll be fine.

work/life balance- this is probably the low point in this company, especially if you are a SM. Though i am not an SM, i have been a temp SM and this was during the holiday season. I worked 65 hours, 6 days a week during this period to make sure everything went smoothly. Wasn't able to have much of a life during this period. Also based on what i have witnessed during my time here, SMs are expected to cover for anyone calling out and are expected to spend more time in their stores if the DM feels something needs to get done. I've seen some managers pull 80 hour weeks during non holiday periods. Overall, your work/life balance will be fine if you are in a good store and is operationally sound but if you are in a store with incompetent employees or employees who call out a lot, then you will find yourself in your store more then having a life. Now speaking from an ASM view, you are fine. work 35 to 40 hours 5 days a week. Balance really isnt an issue until you are an SM.

Career/potential growth- In my area, the DM always opts to promote and hire from within first before considering other options. I have been promoted twice in a year span along with temp managing a store. In this area, growth is definitely possible. Make sure to pay attention though because I know there are DMs out there who consider outsiders first for open management positions.

location- i live in a central location to about 15-20 gamestops within a 15-20 minute drive so location is excellent.

co-worker competence- i've worked for nothing but fair, hard working managers in the 5 different stores i've worked in. The lower level employees are all hard working and make my job easier.

work environment- is very good. i knew most of the people in my current store personally before i was moved here therefore it is easy for me to get along with them. the only minor gripe is that there are customers who just dont understand and some of them will give you a tough time. Nothing you can really do except continue to be polite.

Final statement- I know reviews of working for gamestop will vary depending on experience. if you are considering working for the company, make sure you know the DM and the SMs first because ultimately that will make your experience either good or bad. I got lucky and ended up working in a good area and for good people. Because there are so many stores in this area, I know and are friends with a lot of the employees. So if the people are good, your experience will be good.
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