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From Oakland, CA — 10/03/2010

I would first like to say that Gamestop is a retail company through and through. It lives to make money like ALL retail companies. There are good things about all retail stores, and there are bad things about retail. Gamestop is not excluded in this set by capitalism to make a profit, its the natural thing for a company to do. If you hate to work at one, make yourself into a corporate store and gain yourself 80% of the profit. That simple. But to start off I'd like to address some of the more prevalent complaints regarding Gamestop.

"I don't make enough money" It's true. No retailer likes to pay their employees more than minimum wage. Unless you work for a privately owned company or you have your bachelor's degree, you probably won't make more than minimum wage to start with. But this is everywhere! Mall clothing stores, Walmart, Target, the Supermarket, every retail and fast food corporate owned company where your job is to customer service people and cashier usually starts off at your minimum wage.

"I don't get enough hours" This is only true for part time employees. But it is true. A few years ago Gamestop gave out tons of hours and this led to happier employees with bigger paychecks. However, with every company comes slackers. And lets face it, Gamestop had a reputation for hiring lazy employees a few years ago and some still work there. But these hours gave an entry into slacking off and doing nothing. Not all stores were like that, but a few that had secret shoppers and corporate managers with secret cameras got in trouble for not helping customers and being generally rude and lazy. They spoiled it for us and now we get nothing. It sucks, but if you need more hours at a horrible place, go to McDonalnds, they love to give hours.

"I don't get benefits/promotions" This is probably one of two things: One, you are not a good sales person and don't preform well with numbers and customer, or Two, you have bad management. The first one speaks for itself. The latter sucks, but everyone has had a bad SM/DM/RM or VP of Sales. They usually don't care about your feelings, but they are not paid to care. They are told to promote those who do well in numbers and cut those that don't. This is exactly the way places that have quotas like Best Buy run things as well. You need to be a good sales person, otherwise, this place is not for you.

And as for the "horror stories", please, save them! I've worked in the ghetto of ghettos (Oakland--that's right, THAT Oakland) and I'm a girl and a manager who's had tons of demeaning comments and negativity. The thing is, it's not Gamestop's fault, it's people. People who don't respect others, customers who steal from your store, and managers who are bias. It's people who are horrible and Gamestop hired a lot of lazy gamers years back. Thankfully, most are gone. (I knew one store manager who would make conference calls in the bar, drunk, and on his cell phone.) The thing is, it's retail and retail will always be like this. If you don't like it, don't work retail. Because trust me, I've worked in tons of retail and there isn't one that's better or worse than the rest. It's always annoying to hear the CEO talking about how Gamestop doesn't make "any money", but that's just annoying. The bottom line is, you are getting paid to talk about video games and are encouraged to do so. It's not that bad of a company, you just need to see that.
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