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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From WA — 09/24/2010

so far my work life at gamestop has been ok. I'm a GA and only get minimum wage which is understandable because its a pretty easy job.

-I love my co workers they are the best people ever and working with them is very fun.
-My manager is very nice and is very understanding and helpful when i make mistakes.
-My coworkers are also very helpful and i feel like they look out for me.
-I have met some very nice customers
-Get to check out games and also get discounts ;D

-This week the schedual was not finished until Tuesday so i had to call in and ask if i was working every day.
-As a female I often get harassed by male customers( which is both annoying and unsettling(when it gets to bad my male co workers will step in))
-The hours are unreliable many times i will work only 8 hrs for like three weeks straight and then out of now where i will work 30 hrs in one week it is difficult to balance work and life with that insability
-The unstaible hours also create problems when it comes to paying the rent i never know if i will have enough hours to cover it.and it makes it very difficult to find a much needed second job.

I will most likely quite this job in the near future but it definitely isn't the worst place to work and when i do leave i will not regret the time i spent there.
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