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From Grapvine, TX — 09/05/2010

I've been to many websites where disgruntled ex-employees would write incredibly biased opinions on why Gamestop is a tyrannous company. I've got to say that these reviews are not only vengeful, but incredibly
unaccurate for a prospective hiree to think twice on.

First and foremost, Gamestop is a company that rewards hard work. That means that if you come into work every day with a positive attitude, you hit your goals as far as number quota is concerned, and you volunteer
occasional borrows just to spread your name amongst your district, you'll move up. The authors that state they've been a "lowly Game Advisor" for 2 years are probably the ones with glass ceilings directly above their scalp. A lot of lazy employees butcher their opportunities for advancement, and it seems a lot of them pen these articles.

Job security @ Gamestop is solid so long as you aren't a kleptomaniac. It's near impossible to find yourself near termination if you're doing your job to the best of your ability and you aren't biting the hand that feeds you. That means eliminating all suspision. Don't talk about stealing and comply with pocket and bag checks at all times. I refer to a lot of these negative reviews, employees mentioning that they had a reputation for "stealing". Chances are they may have pocketed something and thought it went unnoticed. You don't just grow a theif's reputation out of nowhere.

Location of the company is great. Bigger cities have 3-5 Gamestop's, so you won't find yourself traveling 20 miles to a minimum-wage job, for the most part. This brings me to my next piece, pay rate.

Gamestop is not a commission-based employer. That means you're getting a steady pay check whether you hit your numbers or not. Many people complain that they wish they could get more, but it's minimum wage and unless you're toting a Bachelor's Degree, you're not gonna get anything much better then that. You want to make more money? Go back to school and get a better degree.

Co-Worker competence has a few different variables. Every tenured associate in the company can recall an experience where they had a Store Manager who wasn't completely able to do his/her job to the best of their ability. Once you nut up and flex through the situation, you'll find that it's a learning experience and a growth opportunity. However, when you're blessed with an A-Team and you watch your store rank high in a 6000 store company, you'll realize exactly how much it helps to have a completely competent team.

The Work Environment for Gamestop is actually one of it's few flaws to me. New employees and anybody who shops at our stores think we get paid to play video games. They think that all we do day in and day out is talk about video games, and nothing else really matters. If that were the case, we probably wouldn't be around. I think this is where a lot of disgruntled ex's find their biggest gripes. You actually have to work when you're under the Gamestop flag. That means no playing your PSP, DS, reading Game Magazines or just checking out the next thing you might buy. Gamestop maintains a high level of professionalism and if more people took that into account, it would grow even more than it has since.

Career Growth, to me at least, is highly probable if you're up to the task. In 3 years, I was hired in as a Game Advisor and now have my own store. I'm a success story where I busted my hump through the years of my employment, to find the end of the rainbow almost everytime I went searching for it. If you maintain yourself as a very efficient worker, you make your presence known throughout your district as well as to your higher-ups, you'll get the promotion you're aiming for.

Last but not least, Work/Life balance at Gamestop is pretty solid I'd have to say. As a Store Manager, you're salary and you're probably going to work an average of 45 hours non-holiday periods. That means that when you aren't at the store, you can always expect a phone call if something is happening. This constant connection to your store is actually a good thing if you care about how your store operates in your absence. Gamestop also piled on a boat load of benefits that can help your home-life, ranging from health insurance throughout your immediate family to counseling should you need it. Credit consolidation, 401K and stock investments also help throughout the process.

So to close this up, I think that for every negative review, there needs to be a positive one. Gamestop is a thriving company, and one of the most solid retail companies around. I've heard many complaints from different like-retail companies such as Gamestop, and I can tell you that although retail carries the same burden throughout the product it sells, it is what it is. Maintain a positive attitiude and you'll look on the biased negative blasts as lousy attempts to stir the bee-hive.
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