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From Omaha, Nebraska — 03/08/2010

Gamers is a local game store that is constantly growing and is poised to take down the almighty Gamestop. Our reserves cost nothing, and ANY system/game from Atari 2600 to PS3 can be reserved. Discounts? How about instead of having to subscribe a magazine for a YEAR, you buy a $10 hat and get discounts for LIFE. Yeah, that's right. Giving the highest values for games AND accesories is quite a plus as well. So many of my NY friends wonder why it hasnt gone national. As a former Gamestop Store Manager, I can tell you this is the next evolution of the perfect games store. Where else can I walk inside and buy a link cable for my original Gameboy, a Sega CD, Intellivision games, and a beautiful wall scroll in one visit?
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