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4.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth2
Work Environment5

From pflguerville,tx — 09/25/2009

isnt the best you are not really given a great amount for the amount off time that is put into this job.

The manager and the rest of the district is INCREDIBLE ive never felt so sure that my opinion will always matter i take part in weekly conference calls and actually feel like i have a voice in the comapany even though im not truly taking part in a mangerial role.

Not really something to look at if you not at least at the assistant managers position but isnt this standard in all companies?

Job Security
I have no problems in job security and quiet honestly there arent any scams in numbers here, everybody takes care of there own stuff and the manager does make mistakes but thats something that we can expect from everybody.

Career Growth
Get your stuff done and make number you will be noticed I PROMISE

I can honestly say that every day i go into work i can expect to have a good time, i like seeing all of our regular customers and am always interested to see who is new and let them know what we do better than our competitors
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