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From Dalls, Texas — 08/01/2010

I too work for this company and recently overheard an employee talking about the website while in our lunch room. It seems pretty obvious that based on the name of the website ( you should expect some of what you read on this site (all I mean is that it's not I've worked for Gainsco for not a very long time although feel I have a decent enough perspective of what's going on with this company. The previous post is laughable and clearly written by someone who is disgruntled with the company and certain staff members. The individual he's obviously referencing is a good and decent guy and is always carries himself in a professional way. Yes, he seems insanely busy but from where I sit he always makes time when people approach him (which has been a lot of people as of late.) While I don't report directly to this person, I admire how he's handled the recent "raid" we've experienced from a competitor. I never intended to post anything on a site such as this but frankly I became a little upset after reading some of the negative and what I consider to be unjust posts. Readers beware. Provided one takes things in the proper context, I wouldn't imagine much value would be placed on anonymous postings from individuals that are clearly unhappy. I'm excited about some of the changes happening with Gainsco and feel good about furthering my own career by staying with this company. I'm confident in our team leaders and with management above them. I suppose everyone has an opinion. Just be cautious on how much weight you attach to a forum that allows someone to vent about almost anything or anyone and do it anonymously.
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