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From Wayne, New Jersey — 08/29/2009

GAFMC is a very large company but like most companies of its size politics become part of the norm.  A young company meaning the men and women in the mgmt poistions are young so upward mobility is not their even if you do a great job in your current poisition.  However, for the few that are connected within the company they geet upward mobility options frequently.  Moreover,  Senior mgmt  looks toward the input of its field managers on employee reviews but in many instances the customer base gives this info. on GAFMC employess performance and in many instances the top brass or regional folks do not even know the truth about their own people or the job they do.  The comapny is like a fast break basketball team.  Sometimes they get it riight and many times when your moving that fast you miss and make many mistakes.  Recently GAFMC lost many people with experience.  Experience is hard to replace.  It cost the company thousands of dollars to train and teach these people the GAFMC way.   The company mindset because its so large with a huge cash flow is that they will re-train whoever they can offer an attractive salary to.  The main problem with that is NO ONE STAYS GAF.  YOU GET FOLKS THAT ONLY WANT $$$$$!  In Addition,  the company is so big and successful that they do not realize the damage it caused to many a family around the United States.  Its probably better to give 3 years to this company and if you do not move forward with GAFMC move yourself somewhere that your talents can better benefit you.  A great job for a person ready for retirement.  Ex. outside sales person.  WARNING: Never get to emoitional with thiis company. Remember its only a job!
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