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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From West of USA — 05/28/2008

I worked for this company for 5 years. I didn't mind working there, as I did get promoted twice in that time and I liked my co-workers.
Pay: Not good at all. When I left for a huge competitor, I got an instant $10K raise per year but they tried to get me to stay and didn't match. Why would I have stayed for less than $10K?
Respect: Neutral on this. I never felt like I was one of the "team" but I was not disrespected. I felt very young compared to my co-workers at the time. The "branch manager" was an interesting character and you got the feeling that you were less of a person compared to the BM.
Benefits: Ok, nothing special. My 401K was good though when I left.
Job Security: In the 5 years I spent there I never got any verbal or written warnings. I wasn't really in fear of losing my job, but we were busy sometimes working on Saturday and when the company would lose an account, the files would sometimes follow and they didn't need the workforce. This occurred several times during my time. I've heard now that they have closed many, many offices and that is sad. This is a tiny company though.
Work/Life Balance: I dont recall any issues specifically, but when I was hired I had very small children. I was asked what would I do if they were sick and I wanted to stay home? Right answer would be go to work! I had to tell them my husband would take care of them. So, I preteneded to be sick at times in order to take care of my children. This is discrimmination, but at the time I was just happy to be hired and would have said anything. They were ok when I had to take a few weeks off for surgery.
Career Potential/Growth: You could get promoted to a Senior when people left the company. Rarely were there promotions without that. Not much training either, not like today.
Location: Great for me, less than 30 minutes.
Co-worker competence: Ok. People worked together and would offer advice. I don't recall meeting with my supervisor much to ask questions.
Work Environment: There was plenty of time for chatting until the boss walked by, then you went back to your desk. We were in enclosed cubicles with one desk, so not many distractions. It wasn't a bad place to work, but you knew you were not in the top performing companies handling similar type of work.
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