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From Nashville, TN — 03/17/2007

Worked at GAB for 6 years. Good place, good people. As stated by others, any claims job requires lots of work and overtime, but the environment is good and management gives you lots of responsibility. You can get ahead if you like or hang yourself if you screw up. Pretty good place to work and the training is second to none. The pay is a bit low, but if you get additional letters after your name (i.e. AIC, CPCU etc) the pay goes up quite a bit. The pay for claims adjusters in the Souteast can rage from 25k for a newb right out of college up to 85k for a General Adjuster, CPCU certified with 25 years experience. If you like claims it's worth a try. Be warned that depending on the region of the country you work, Management cany vary GREATLY. Like any company they do have some bad mangers around.
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