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From Manchester, NH — 09/03/2010

I've worked at this company for a bit now and have to say I throughly enjoy it. If you do your work and are eager to learn - this is the place for you. You are rewarded on your abilities to learn and eagerness to learn and expand in your job. I have an excellent idea which EX-employee wrote the bad review, and I can tell you, this person did not take full advantage of all that G4 Communications had to offer. As far as the office flooding - we rented that space for a time and we were not responsible for the flooding or any mold issues that were assumed to exist by this employee. A professional cleaning company was brought in, not to mention even the President's office was severely flooded. The President of the company is a very family - oreinted manager and very generous to all those who are really trying to make it in life. The controller absolutely does notice all your mistakes - he is very good at his job and is a great source of information if you don't let your pride get the best of you and instead of getting upset over your mistake being pointed out, it's best to learn from that mistake. This is a detail-oriented evironment but many sources of information are given to you if you are smart enough to take advantage of them. I've never seen an employee put down in front of other employees by anyone in a management role. This is a professional environment and people are treated as individuals not slaves.
As far as employee turnover - those that did not want to work didn't work and when the review time came up and they had nothing to show for their work, the appropriate course of action was taken.
As far as pay - I'm a college graduate and find the pay to be very fair and have been told many times, this job and the opportunities that it presents are there for me to reach if I'm willing. As with every job or task in life - it is what you make of it. At the end of the day if your performance is poor and you hate where you are in life, you have no one but yourself to blame for your choices or lack thereof.
G4 Communications, is a great and growing corporation to work for. Please do not let one Ex-employees tainted view taint your view of this outstanding company.
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