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3.5Rating Details
Job Security1
Work/Life Balance1
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From CA — 01/17/2010

Pay:3/Respect:3/Ben:3/JobSec:-5/WorkLife:-5/Career Growth:5/Location:5/Co-WorkCompetence:2/WorkEnviron:4

Iím a supervisor that works for said company, and honestly, itís a job. Itís not the best, but at the same point, we are the biggest paid in the industry, not bad for some poor smutch walking in off the street with a HS diploma. I work in the service side (fix computers) and CompTIA A+ average is 33k a year. The technicians of my department and I get paid more than that, that is enough said. I do put a lot of hours in, but I am a supervisor, I gave up life when I took that. The people I work with are as competent as I want them to beÖ If you canít hold your own, you are let go. Quite simple other than the occasional customer thinking theyíre right 100% of the times, which can always be correct by harsh tones though.
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